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A Todo Vapor A Todo Vapor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Even though my Spanish isn't fluent, I could still understand what was going on in your video. Your animation style is very fluid, the characters portray the appropriate body language and the general atmosphere of each scene is well carried out.

For constructive criticism, I would say to work on fine tuning your animation style and try to make the characters' actions more fluid. Other than that, good work overall.
Aunque mi español no es fluido, aún podía entender lo que estaba pasando en su video. Su estilo de animación es muy fluido, los personajes retratan el lenguaje corporal adecuado y la atmósfera general de cada escena se realiza bien.

Para la crítica constructiva, yo diría trabajar en su estilo de animación sintonización fina y tratar de hacer acciones de los personajes más fluido. Aparte de eso, buen trabajo en general.

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placitte responds:

Thanks Kaninchen10!!! I´m with you, 100%!!! The animation could be more fluid!!! Maybe i should mix traditional animation with the cutout!!! Once again, thank you so much for the feedback!!!

Sheep Sheep Sheep Sheep 2 Sheep Sheep Sheep Sheep 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That's it!

Such a tragic love story foretelling every creeper's tragic death, their inability to become attached to others upsets their delicate chemical balance, spelling out certain doom for all around them. What a tale, what a heart wrencher, what a MASTERPIECE! I CAN'T STAND IT!

On another note, nice flash, solid animation and whatnots. I always thought the Nether was pretty sweet, the terrain left a bit to be desired for the housing market, though. Good add, too, breaking the 4th wall.

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MEvelop responds:

Haha! That is a lovely interpretation. Thanks for the feedback and I agree with you about the terrain.

Zelda Skyward sword Zelda Skyward sword

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty good so far.

The movements, coloring, and music are all very fluid and done in a likeable style. You just need to make the animation longer and add more length to the animation like you do in your others and it'll be on its way!

Wizard of Oz Conversation Wizard of Oz Conversation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting spin on the movie, I can imagine something being further made to expand on that idea. Did you think of it or hear it from somewhere?

The animation flows pretty nicely. Each character's body language is overall relative to their tones and you did good work on keeping the mouth shapes forming to the words spoken. Nice voice acting, too!

Keep making smaller movies here and there and you'll get your steam back for bigger projects.

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TylerLandis responds:

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you picked up on their distinct body language, because I really tried to focus on that. I was trying to get better at making the characters "act." And I thought of this idea myself!

Thanks again for the review, and I'll definitely be posting more shorts here while I develop my next longer-form animation!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The movie has a plot that works and good enough voice acting. In all it's pretty sturdy, but still has room for improvement.

The voices themselves were soft and difficult to hear with the sound effects, I would either use better recording software or make them louder and more clear at least. Since you do a lot with stick animation it should be easier for you to work on your animation quality, you just need to get your basics down like giving the characters definition, make the movements more fluid, etching out the background, and just sculpting the flash to be more lifelike overall.

I also looked around your profile for a bit and went to your youtube channel, act on what you say and your skills skyrocket in quality. You have a lot of enthusiasm, don't lose it.

LightYagami123 responds:

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. I'm not in the position to buy any USB Microphone equipment. I'm doing all the voice acting by audacity and earphones, but once I have the microphones I need, I can bet that you'll like future projects:)

You Are Gay Right Now sta You Are Gay Right Now sta

Rated 1 / 5 stars

There's not much to be said about this because it doesn't have much to offer. The video is just an endless loop of what looks like a loading screen and a login box, so it was really just a waste of time to watch.

As far as constructive feedback, changing anything about this would be good, I guess. I wouldn't even call it a video more than a loop without a point, so giving it any kind of foundation would be a start.

OffGuelNewGrounds responds:

Good idea, i might remake it soon with the desktop

SqS5S1: Supply List SqS5S1: Supply List

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It feels dry.

It looks good as a kid's cartoon, introducing the class to a new year and trying to give them an energetic first day, but as something to spend time watching, the video falls flat. Even how you tried to add bits of humor here and there, they didn't have as much of an effect as maybe changing the direction of the video a bit. If it's supposed to be more humorous, give it more comedic aspects, or do something to pull it more towards what you're trying to show.

The overall animation is good, the cartoon style fits well with each new character introduced. What really took away from the video, though, is the computerized voices. Even if it's just your voice over and over again in different pitches, use something else so it feels more lifelike.

3/5 Stars, just work on your direction and it'll improve on the way.

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The Post-it Knight The Post-it Knight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

In one word: hilarious

Definitely not a kind of video I expected to see, pretty creative thinking. I thought it was funny to see a knock off video of the Zelda series. Keep it up. :]